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    South Mountain’s Army JROTC Battalion has been around for 28 years, having been implemented in 1995. Since then, our mission has stayed the same. JROTC’s Mission is to “Motivate young people to be better citizens.”  Students in JROTC are called cadets. The program prepares cadets for life after high school, whether they wish to pursue a higher education, get a job, or other. Cadets are taught leadership, their rights, responsibilities, self-confidence, self-discipline, and privileges as an American citizen.  

    CW5 Huitron and 1st SG Brown are excited and anticipating an outstanding year. Please get a sports physical completed and register at myathlete.com if you wish to join any of JROTC’s teams. 



    Unarmed Drill Team

    Armed Drill Team 


    Cologuard Team

    Rifle Team

    Orienteering Team 

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    JROTC is the ultimate leadership laboratory.  It gives you a space to grow as a leader and as a member of your community. It's more than a class whether you find yourself on one of our teams (raiders, color guard drill team, and others) or not, you will find yourself in a tightly knit community. JROTC will challenge you physically, mentally, and as a leader. Its focus is on making you a well-rounded person and a responsible, contributing member of society. In the challenging but fun nature of JROTC, you'll discover your potential and emerge not only as a leader but also as an individual dedicated to positively impacting your community and society. 
Last Modified on February 16, 2024