Welcome to the AHS Counseling Department Page!


    Students and parents, we have a lot of new faces in our counseling team this year!  Please see below for a list of all the counselors. Freshmen are assigned to a "House," and their counselor is noted by that house.  For 10th - 12th grade students, you are assigned by your last name. (AVID students are an exception - they stay with the same counselor by their elective class.)

    If you are not sure who your counselor is from the alphabet split guide below, you can look on StudentVue, or email Ms. Rocha and she can tell you who your counselor is.

    Click on your counselor's name to schedule an appointment! 

    Martha Rocha
    Counseling Secretary

    10th - 12th grade Counselors

    Gina Reyes
    Students with last names:  A - Ca
    10th grade AVID
    Students with last names: Cb - Fl
    11th and 12th grade AVID
    Students with last names: Fm - Lem
    Jesse Cordova (Instructional Leader)
    Students with last names: Len - M 
    Students with last names: N - Ro
    Students with last names: Rp - Z


    Freshmen House Counselors  

    Freshmen Houses 1 (split), 2 and 3
    ELD and ESS students with last names A - L
    Freshmen Houses 1 (split) 4 and 5
    9th Grade AVID
    ELD and ESS students with last names M - Z