• Math Department

    E2 MATH ensures Mathematics academic success of all MTHS students by providing the following:
    • (E2) Equity and Excellence for all students
    • (M) Motivation
    • (A) Achievement for all: Access to mathematics that prepare students for college and career readiness
    • (T) Tools: Provide the tools necessary to optimize the math experience of our students, and
    • (H) Higher order thinking skills: Produce critical thinkers

    Our vision is to be committed to continual learning for teachers and students to ensure students will successfully complete the four math credits needed for graduation. We offer multiple math courses at MTHS to capture the needs of all of our students including Honors courses in Algebra 1/2, Geometry, Algebra 3/4 and Pre-Calculus along with AP Calculus.

    We also offer Labs in Algebra and Geometry to support students mathematical needs to ensure success!