• Michele M. Delgado
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Computer Fundamentals, Advanced Media Image, Multimedia 1-2 & 3-4
    open daily 5th lunch & after school 3-4 
    Degree(s): BA Japanese Language, M.Ed Secondary Education
    Email: mdelgado@phoenixunion.org  or  delgadosensei@gmail.com

    Welcome to Lab227 in the Center for Computer Studies Magnet! This is the home of art, animation and multimedia here at Hayden. Falcons make original art images, animation, videos, music and websites.  I emphasize the importance of original artwork and students often make their own source materials using traditional art techniques or original photos.  I am a believer in learning by doing, exhibit as exam, & students regularly show their work at public events.  Please feel free to visit my class online or in person, anytime.  

    for additional content:
    • Mac Lab / Room 227 phone extension 60227
    • Adobe Photoshop & Flash CS 5
    • iLife and Adobe Premiere CS 5
    • Alice, Visual Basic and the fundamentals of programming
    • Final Cul Studio 
    • technology education in a practical learning environment
    • exhibit as assessment
    • Magnet Awards founder/organizer