• Betty H. Fairfax High School Dress Code

    It is our cultural belief at Fairfax High School that high school is a place of learning, college, and career readiness. Student dress and appearance should reflect this philosophy.  Our school is not the place to make “fashion statements”.  Students shall use good judgment regarding their attire and grooming so as not to disrupt the educational environment and to establish a healthy school climate.  Clothing must be clean, in good repair, and worn in such a manner as to exercise good taste and not to detract from the learning environment. The following guidelines must be adhered to


    1. All dress code polices will be enforced at all after-school activities. All students in the PUHSD must have ID to enter the games or activities at Fairfax High School, and adhere to our dress code policy.


    2. A Students’ shirt must extend past the shoulder by 1”.  Garments must cover the torso, stomach, back and sides at all times. Apparel must be appropriate. Low cut neck lines or see through material is prohibited.  This includes muscle shirts, tank tops, razor backs, spaghetti straps, etc.


    3. Clothing and accessories cannot depict any of the following: violence, hatred, obscene material, alcohol, drugs, or R.I.P. This includes wearing all of one color, red or blue shoe laces or items that encourage gang or crew affiliation. (Phx Bird, 602, or geographic locations)


    4. Skirts, dresses, and shorts must extend to at least 5” above the knee. Any rips and tears in pants and must be below the knee, NO RIPS or TEARS in shorts are allowed. Lace pantyhose fish net stocking are prohibited. Leggings, tights, non-lace pantyhose may be worn under appropriate length garments.


    5.   Hats may only be worn outdoors and must be worn properly (i.e. bill facing forward). No hats, beanies, knit caps, ladies berets should be worn in any building.  Bandanas, do-rags, and hair nets are prohibited.  Religious head dress is permitted.


    6. At no time should a student’s under garments be visible. (Bra, panties, boxers, undershorts, etc.) All garments should be able to extend up to the waist when worn.  Apparel worn below the buttocks will be dress coded.


    7.   Bedroom attire is just that for the bedroom.  Students may not wear pajama pants, house shoes or slippers.


    ***Administration reserves the right to make modifications to dress code policy and make final determination of acceptable dress.***



    Violation of dress code policy will result in:

    · Student will be asked to make contact with parent/guardian for change of clothes.

    · Students unable to obtain a change of clothes will be sent to In School Suspension.  Students will not receive a referral for the occasional dress code violation. Unless a student is openly defiant as stated in A.R.S. 15-841

    · Repeated dress code violations is subject to a referral and further disciplinary action.


    Disruptive Items


    Fairfax High School is committed to academic excellence and desires to limit interruptions to the learning environment. Therefore these items are not permitted at school:

    · Laser Pointer

    · Student Deliveries

    · Party Poppers

    · Balloon/Flower Bouquets

    · Whistles

    · Selling of Non School Sponsored Items