• Peer Leadership
    Sponsor: Coach Jim Rattay, Susan Soto, Rita Casillas,
    and Bernadette Campas
    Contact Information: Mickey Nunez (602) 432-6398
    Meeting Dates/Times/Locations: During Advisory pd, Lunch, 7th & 8th pd, and after school in room 6110

    Peer Leadership building future leaders of our community.

    Peer Leadership is an accredited class that teaches student principle based life skills.  Next, the students are taught on how to teach these life skills to others.  Now they apply these skills by going to Bernard Black, and teaching elementary school students these life skills.  It works as a reinforcement in high school students, and elementary students really look forward to their visit and look up to the high school students as role models.  Statistics verify that if their is one significant adult in a child's life that they will succeed.  This course can be taken all four years, and our students will stay connected to the elementary students, and when our high school students go to college they will have the opportunity to visit and encourage their former elementary student who are now in high school.  This class is unique where it will create generational change that continues over the years.


    • Tax Credit Link-elevatephoenix.org
    • Purpose-Delivering long term, life changing relationships with urban youth for civic impact in our community.
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     Snow Trip to Flagstaff on January 2, 2012.