Betty H Fairfax High School Computer Services

    District Technicians on Site:   
    Chris Hazelton: Campus Technology Specialist E-Mail
    Irma Jimenez-Castro: Campus Lab Technician  
    Tiffany HamillComputer Lab Assistant
    Andy Carleton: Computer Lab Assistant

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    Your options are:
    Email your request : helpdesk@phoenixunion.org
    Call in your request: 602-764-1201
    When requesting please provide the following information: Name, Site, Room #, and the issue that you are experiencing. 



    Campus Shared Use Labs

    Attention Teachers:
    Off campus Substitutes are not permitted to be in the labs . Please do not schedule a lab if you are not planning on being present that day.
    Students are NOT PERMITTED to have food or drink at their workstation. Please inform your students of this before entering the lab.  Repeated infractions of this policy could result in loss of ability to utilize the labs.
    You are welcome to utilize any of our shared labs for up to five days a month each month.
    Lab requests must be submitted no later than 24  hours in advance of the requested date in the lab. Teachers may schedule a lab in advance up to 1 month of requested dates. Testing needs can be addressed and scheduled in advance for the semester

    Teachers , each lab is equipped with a port replicator, you will need to bring your HP tablets.


    Available Shared Use Labs 
     400 Lab All Periods
    200 Lab All Periods    300/  All Periods    
    Mobile Labs 1,2,3 & 4
    Mobile Lab Requirements:


    Mobile cart use and procedures are as  follows:
    1. A teacher may reserve and  check out one cart , which consists of 32 machines. They will have that cart for the entire day.

    2. Substitute teachers will not be permitted to check out laptop carts (exceptions for long-term subs)

    3. The reserved cart will be delivered to the classroom at the beginning of the day by a Campus Computer Lab Assistant

    4. The cart will be retrieved at the end of scheduled use by a Campus Computer Lab Assistant. If held multiple days, the CLA will lock the cart at the end of the day and unlock the next morning. 

    5. The log for daily use must be filled out completely for each class period that uses the carts

    6. The laptops must be placed in order back into the carts. The cart laptop bays and laptops are all marked and numbered.

    7. Food and Drink cannot be used by students who are using a laptop.

    8. Teachers will not need the cart keys, CLA's  will lock and unlock the carts 


    Click the link to fill out the Lab Request Survey     : Take Survey   

    You will receive an e-mail response once your request is reviewed, please allow up to a full school day after your request for confirmation.