• Photography Teacher: Ms. Spiegelman

    Degrees: Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University,
    Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Ceramics at Alfred University (State University of New York)
    Photography 1-2 [An introductory class for all students Grades 9-12]
    Studio Photographic Processes 1-4 [Beginning through Intermediate level Magnet Grades 9-12]
    Portfolio Photographic Processes 1-4 [Intermediate through Advanced level Magnet Grades 10-12]

    Welcome to Photographic Processes!
    • Room # VA707
    • Office Hours By appointment Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 7:15 through 7:45 -

    Lunch everyday by appointment.


    • Textbook and Photography books in classroom
    • Students will be expected to follow all district, school and classroom rules.
    • Personal portable electronic devices are prohibited during class.
    • Students are required to wear their school ID card in clear view at all times.
    • Photography Club Meets Friday Lunch
    • Visions at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art