• Name: Richard Daines
    Subjects Taught: Chemistry and Physics
    Degrees: B.S.E. Chemical Engineering Arizona State University and  M.N.S. Physics Arizona State University.

    Welcome to my website.  This page contains information about me and my classroom.  I have been a teacher at South Mountain for a few years.  I usually teach chemistry and physics, but my secret desire is to some day develop an AP Chemical Engineering class with an accompanying AP test.  Before teaching here, I worked as an engineer specializing in process chemicals and automated chemical control systems.  I miss working as an engineer, but I have fallen in love with teaching.  Because of my background, I am highly qualified to teach most high school math and science classes.

    Room: M242
    Office Hours: Start Tuesday/Thursday 11:55am and 3:40pm.
    Classroom Expectations: Professional language, Professional Behavior, No food and only sealed drinks, and no electronics (FAQ available upon request).
    Teaching Philosophy: The act of student learning and changing naive models is a complex endevor that requires multiple instances of paradigm changing evidence.  It is rocket science, sometimes.
    Physics Textbook: Conceptual Physics, Hewitt, Pearson
    Chemistry Textbook: Chemistry Matter and Change, Glencoe Science