• Name: Rachel Enger
    Subjects / Classes 2016-17: Pre-emergent/Emergent English Writing 1-2; Basic Conversational English & Academic Vocabulary; Basic English Writing 3-4
    (In over two decades of teaching ESL, I have taught nearly all courses we offer, as well as regular English 3-4 and 5-6.) 
    Degree(s): BA Linguistics (UCLA); MEd Secondary Education / English (ASU); MA School Guidance Counseling (Ottawa University); 
    and the English as a Second Language Endorsement 

    Welcome to the home page of Rachel Enger!
    English teacher to English Language Learners at South Mountain High School
    (or what used to be called ESL - English as a Second Language)
    A little bit about me, and how I came to the world of teaching, and the world of English language: 
    I have been living and breathing language learning since I was very young. My parents were English language teachers. I grew up in Seoul, South Korea, during which time my parents taught English to Koreans who attended my dad's language school. My parents also wrote English textbooks for non-native speakers. They were experts in the field. I learned a lot from them about English, words, writing, communication, and living harmoniously among diverse poplulations. The experience of living overseas gave me a rich foundation for life.
    I myself have both a linguistics degree (as my father did), and an English degree (as my mother did). I have studied several other languages (Korean, Spanish, and French), even though I am only fluent in English. I also - like many of my students - know what it's like to come to the United States from another country. Even though I was born in Portland, Oregon, my younger years were spent in South Korea. When I was ten years old, we moved back to the states, and it felt to me, like a foreign country. I can relate to many of my students' life experiences, due to a rich background.
    I believe that the better I can reach my students, and understand them, the better I can teach them. We do the work of learning together. Students bring their optimism and hard work to the classroom. Then I provide the environment, the materials, the activities, etc. for learning to take place. I guide them through the learning process (the instruction), but it's the students who must do the work of processing and practicing the new knowledge and skills, in order for learning to take place. 

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