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    Name: Muhammad (Mac) S Shaikh 
    Math- , Geometry 1 & 2
    Degree(s): D.M. IST/Ed.
    M.ed (SPED) & MBA (MIS) 
    Phone: 602-764-5000  


    Hello All,


    I have been teaching at South Mountain High School since 2009 and I work with special need students. I am Geometry Teacher and I also Teach online (Edgenuity) Math classes. I have been also employed as an online faculty member with the Central Arizona College, School of Business and DeVry Universityfor 10 years as an adjunct Professor. I presently facilitate Computer Information System, Networking and Programming classes.

    I live in Chandler Arizona and I love the weather of Arizona. I was born in India and I moved to United States in 1999.

    In the academic arena, I have been teacher since from the beginning. I have completed my doctorate degree in Management of Organizational Leadership and Information Technology Systems. I have done Master from University of Phoenix in Management Information System (MIS) and I also have Masters in Special Education from Grand Canyon University. My Bachelors is in Computer Information System from University of Houston. 

    My hobbies include teaching, watching movies, traveling, browsing and playing with various applications and software.

    I enjoy interacting and working with my students.


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