• Reading is Fundamental
    Name:  Linda Bennett 
    Subject/Classes Taught: Reading Fundamentals and Strategic Reading
    Degrees:  Bachelor's and Master's in Education - Reading Specialist, certified in English
    Phone:  602-764-5000
    Clubs Sponsored:  Track & Field/Cross Country 
    email:  lbennett1@phoenixunion.org                                                                     
     Welcome to Reading!
    Reading Fundamentals and Strategic Reading courses are designed to teach the Common Core State Standards for Reading by providing targeted work in reading comprehension. Instruction is scaffolded over time until students internalize the skill or strategy, apply it independently, and transfer it appropriately to new tasks.  Students will develop skills to  become strategic readers in all content areas as well as lifetime readers of various genres of literature.
     "Teaching Comprehension and critical reading skills in-depth and over time supports students to become independent readers and thinkers."
    "The ability to read complex texts proficiently and independently is essential for success in school, the workplace, and life." 
    Read 180 Research Foundation
    Useful Links:       http://www.tlsbooks.com