• AVID NAU Spanish Students of the Month
    Mrs. Debbie Kunes
    Subjects / Classes Taught:  Spanish 1-2 & Spanish 5-6/SPA101-102 Dual Enrollment
    Degree(s):        BA Spanish - NAU  
    M.Ed. Secondary Education - ASU

    I have been teaching since 1992. 
    I have experience teaching the following subjects:
    P.E., Social Studies, English, English as a Second Language, Spanish and AVID. 
    I have been at South since 2000. 
    I choose to teach at South because of the people. 
    Please feel free to visit anytime. 
    I am in room M-131.
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    Plan for Success

    Course Title:         Spanish 1 – 2                   Department: World Languages

    Instructor:             Mrs. Kunes                      Prerequisites:         None

    School:                  S.M.H.S.                         Credit:                   .5 per semester


    Welcome to Spanish class  - Bienvenidos a la clase de español

    For the majority of you, this is the beginning of an exciting new experience; learning a second language!  For others, this is a continuation of expanding your knowledge of the four basic skills in Spanish: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  We will also learn about culture – the behaviors, beliefs and values of the people in Spanish-speaking countries.  Students who successfully complete Spanish 1 – 2 are qualified to take Spanish 3 – 4.  A.S.U., N.A.U., and U. of A. all require 2 years of world language study in order to be accepted as a university student.  Our goal is to improve communication and comprehension skills while meeting university prerequisites as well as the state and district world language standards: communication, culture, connections, comparisons and communities.



    Each day you are responsible to come to class with a pen or pencil and paper.



    Grades will be given at the end of each quarter.  Points will be earned for each assignment, daily attendance, quizzes, tests, and oral proficiency assessments as well as for class participation.  Total points  = grade:

    90% - 100%    = A     80% - 89% = B          70% - 79% = C

    60% - 69% = D          0% - 59% = F            I = Incomplete


    Make-Up Work

    Students who are not in class are responsible for finding out what they have missed and for making up the work.  This is your responsibility, not your teacher’s.  All work must be handed in; otherwise, you will not get credit for the assignment.  All tests and quizzes will be made up by scheduling an appointment with the teacher. 


    Attendance & Tardies

    Absences will be dealt with according to the South Mountain High School Student Handbook.  Students are to be in their seats when the final bell rings and be ready to participate in classroom activities.  Anyone entering the class without a pass after final bell is tardy.  Students who attend class everyday are the ones most likely to succeed.


    Classroom Behavior

    Effective classroom management is achieved most comfortably through group cooperation toward a goal of mutual respect.  All students are to abide by the following rules in order to create and maintain a positive learning environment for all students:

    Listen the first time instructions are given

    No talking out of turn

    Keep your hands, feet & objects to yourself

    (Do not touch anyone else or their belongings)

    No profanity or put downs


    Responsibility for Damage

    Any damage to school property is your responsibility.  If you damage any item in the classroom or the language laboratory, you (the student) or your parent/guardian must pay the cost of repairing or replacing it.


    Four Steps to Success

    1)                  Bring all materials to class

    2)                  Attend class & participate in class activities

    3)                  Take advantage of study time if given during class

    4)                  Demonstrate behavior that is appropriate for your maturity & age


    If you respect others, you will be treated in the same manner. 

    These rules and guidelines are intended to maximize learning on the part of all students.  It is hoped that they will help to insure success for all with a valuable and rewarding experience in the Spanish Classroom!


    Please keep these rules and guidelines for future reference.


    If you have any questions or comments, please email me at dkunes@phoenixunion.org.



    Thank You,

    Mrs. Kunes
    Greater Phoenix Urban League Yound Professionals
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