Ms Lyons  
    Bronwyn Lyons
    Program Manager / Instructional Leader 
       Welcome to South Mountain Center for the Arts, Theatre Arts program.  This is my 14th year teaching here at South Mountain high school. I am a Seattle native, and love the outdoors, the arts, and the rain! I have a 4 year old daughter who keeps me smiling every day. Keeping busy is something I am good at and do not often have spare time. I am a sponsor of the Drama Club, as well as our Improv Team the LOL's, and help out whenever I can on campus with events. You can often find me backstage during a show.
    In my free time, (when I actually have it) I enjoy spending time with my daughter, hiking, traveling, and getting out of town to see new things.
       My classroom is a free space for thinking and being yourself, and everyone is always welcome, and should ALWAYS feel welcome. Tolerance is a must and open minds and creativity are welcome at all times. In class we study everything from improvisation, to technical theatre, mime, acting techniques and theories, playwriting, puppetry, makeup, stage combat, theatre history, set construction, lighting, sound, costumes, vocal techniques and styles of plays. In class students keep a portfolio of their work, scripts, and daily work, that follows them through the program as they develop as an actor and a person and they get to watch themselves grow in many ways through this exciting process. Students are required to have a pencil in class to write in their scripts or other work they may be working on. Most other materials are provided to the students.
    I believe that theatre is a segue for discussion to help talk about anything. It is a place to help students make connections to all people regardless of differences and to let the students see the needs that are in the community and address them. These students will learn through theatre they can take actions on their own to effect positive change in their own lives, their friends, their families, communities, and the world. 
    BET-C Conference Performance  
       ~Ms Lyons


    Schedule 2018-2019:      

    • 1st and 2nd hours - Pharmacy Support Services 1/2
    • 3rd Hour - Theatre for Social Change
      4th Hour - Advisory
    •  6th Hour - Foundations in Theatre



    •  BA Theatre Arts from Western Washington University 
    •  MaED Curriculum and Inst. University Of Phoenix
    •  MaED Leadership and Administration
    Email: blyons@phoenixunion.org 
    About my classes:
    WHERE:   Stage / Green room (Black Box Theatre)

    WHEN:      Regular Schedule                         

                7:00 -   7:55 - Office Hours
    1.  8:00  - 8:50     Pharmacy Support Services
    2.  8:55  - 9:45     Pharmacy Support Services
    3.  9:50  - 10:40   Theatre for Social Change
    4. 10:45 - 11:30   Advisory
    5. 11:35 - 12:20   Lunch
    6. 12:25 - 1:15     Foundations in Theatre
    7.  1:20  - 2:10    
    8.  2:15  - 3:30     Office Hours 
    DRAMA CLUB 4-5pm Wednesdays - and 5th lunch
    Utah Rehearsals 4-6 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and 5th lunc


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