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    Name: Mr. Bower 
    Subjects / Classes Taught: U.S. / AZ Government 1, World History & Geography 1-2, WHG 1-2 Honors, United States / Arizona History 1-2
    Degree(s)B.A. Secondary Education (History) Arizona State University, M.A. Curriculum and Instruction (English as a Second Language) Arizona State University
    Room#: M274
    Tutoring is available during "JAG TIME" (advisory) in my room each week.

    Welcome to History!

    I'm Mr. Bower and I've been teaching at South Mountain since 2007. I  am also a graduate myself -class of '97!
    I believe all students can learn and History is a fun and interesting subject in which to develop critical thinking skills for future success in college, career and life.
    If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at my email address above. I am also available Monday thru Friday from 3:05 to 3:30 pm. Also by appointment.
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    World History Geography COURSE DESCRIPTION: 

    World History/Geography 1-2 is the first level course within the Phoenix Union High School District’s Social Studies curriculum.  This two semester course is usually offered in the sophomore year, and successful completion is a requirement for graduation. This course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to understand the major concepts, characteristics, events and people of World History (3,000 B.C. to present).  We will look at World History following the state’s outlined standards for grades 9-12 as well as supplemental material. 



    FIRST SEMESTER:                                                                        SECOND SEMESTER:

    Unit 1: Geography Foundations & Early Civilizations                  Unit 6: Age of Revolution        

    Unit 2: Belief Systems                                                                  Unit 7: Imperialism     

    Unit 3: World in Transition                                                            Unit 8: World at War

    Unit 4: Renaissance and Reformation                                         Unit 9: Contemporary World

    Unit 5: Encounters and Exchange                     

    This course is a conceptual look at changing American culture, politics, environment, and economy from the ancient civilizations of North America to the present day.  The course’s intent is to help students better understand the themes of history that have shaped and continue to impact our lives.  The course also challenges the knowledge gained from the World History course and applies that background to America’s perspective of the 21st century.  The concepts explored in this course will continue to prepare and empower students to make choices as responsible participants in society.  Successful completion of this course will earn .5 credits per semester.

    First Semester:

    Unit 1- Formation of a Nation

    Unit 2- Expansion of the Nation

    Unit 3- Civil War & Reconstruction

    Unit 4- Industrialization and Social Reform of the Nation

    Unit 5- Imperialism and World War I


    Second Semester:

    Unit 6-   Roaring Twenties

    Unit 7-   Great Depression and a New Deal

    Unit 8-   World War II

    Unit 9-   1950s America and the Cold War

    Unit 10- A Changing Nation





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