•  Commercial Building Maintenance

    This class offers campus maintenance, community service, project-based learning activities, numeracy, and literacy on-line lessons. Initially, we assess the students' math and reading levels, as well as review their home school classes, in order to provide for their individual educational needs.

    Students are also regularly tested on their job readiness skills. Many of the building maintenance jobs present them with opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making. Once the students punch their time clock, they'll face several challenges throughout their two hour session. 

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                                                                      Thanks to Mr. Schapler
    Recycling Wood -
    Garden Bench 
    Anthony looks on while Devontae uses a square to get an accurate cut line.  Devontae drills wood screws into cross support to connect garden bench legs.   Anthony and Devontae share congratulations as they sit on their completed garden bench.

     Futon AssemblyZach organizes all the Futon pieces   Devontae attaches a spring to the left arm. The afternoon students deliver the finished product.  


    Cleaning/Paint PrepChristian uses soap and water to clean the walls.
    John uses a razor to remove old tape.
    Jesus applies Kilz to wall to prepare for patching.


    PatchingUlises fill some holes with his putty knife.
    Jesus demonstrates his patching skills.
    Devontae fills holes above the main whiteboard.





    Miguel mixes the five gallon bucket of semi-gloss paint
    Devontae carefully cuts along the baseboard.
    Ulises paints the vertical side of the window.


     Cutting Miguel carefully cuts along window's edge. Zach cuts along the computer cable box.  Ernesto trims along the wall corners.  

     Rolling Roberto rolls out front wall. Jassiel covers the back wall of Room 2402.  Hector rolls out the side wall.  

    Finalizing Room 2402Zach cleaning the blinds
    Jesus wire brushing the rusty metal ceiling pieces
    Jassiel inspecting Zach's painting of the entry door


    Landscaping Hector uses the grinder to cut a metal pipe to be used to stake fallen trees  John removes vegetation around bench in nature center
    Ernesto holds the metal stake while Jesus pounds it into the ground


     MovingO.C., John, and Jassiel move metal from outdoor basketball court to automotive  Anthony and Miguel safely position the metal into a vertical rack.
    The morning group place angle iron inside automotive shop

    Zach works on Study Island skills
    Jassiel works on Khan Academy
    Orancy sits along side achievement certificates awarded to all students for mastering math skills


     St. Mary's Food BankMarco, Jassiel, and Zach working the produce line at the food bank.  Ray standing near his station as carts pass by.
    The PM CBM group also worked the produce line in their most recent two hour session, assembling 350 bags of produce.


    Campus Bathroom Repairs O.C., Zach, and Ray select hardware necessary to repair toilet paper dispensers and a stall seat.
    Ray replaces the new toilet seat.
    Jassiel removes screws holding broken toilet paper dispenser.


    Constructing a bermErnesto drill a hole in the metal berm to preventwater from flowing onto the outdoor basketball court.
    Devontae cuts the metal berm with a grinder.
    Jassiel prepares the ground where the metal berm will be placed.



    Softball Foul LinesJovany cutting the left field foul line
    Miguel removes grass with pick-ax while Ernesto rakes loose remains.
    Ernesto, John, and Devontae collaborate on building a screening device to shift dirt.

    Foul Lines (cont.) Jesus and Ernesto screen dirt.
    Ray and Jassiel shovel screened dirt along left field foul line.
    Jovany looks on while John and Ray roll out the right field foul line using a heavy cylinder taken from a scrap metal rack.

    Recycled Gifts Ernesto uses a blacksmith hammer to flatten metal gutter piece that formed the picture frame.  Marco stains wood piece that will support the metal frame and glass that will hold his picture.  A wood carving project is shown along with the picture frame Christmas gift.

    Furniture Repair Broken filing drawer with missing handles offer a challenge for CBM students  O.C. attaches a missing handle.  Maurice poses as Anthony puts final touches on fixed filing drawer.  

    PBL - 
    Pringles Challenge
    Partners Anthony and Christian designed a rectangular shape as a package to protect one Pringles potato chip.   John and Devontae carefully use packing materials to protect their chip before letting the US Postal Sevice handles it.   Marco and Jovany make sure that they properly address their package.  

    PBL -
    Landspeeder 2403
    Devontae looks on while Anthony shapes chassis base.  Christian and Hector use the glue gun to secure their axle.  John works on the sail under the direction of Lucas.  

    Bench Building
    Using Mr. Schapler's grinder, Ray cuts angle iron to be used to support workbench legs.  Devontae and John place 4 x 6" block of wood inside angle iron leg.  Finished workbench