• Marilyn Bullard  /  Goodwill Learn to Earn Program


    B.S. earned at ASU West and M.S.earned at Chapman University, Phoenix Campus

    Prior to coming to Metro Tech and being assigned the teacher for the Goodwill Learn to Earn Program, Marilyn worked for the Isaac and Washington School District as an ESS teacher for 10 years. She was a librarian for 4 years and a respiratory tech for 8 years before getting hooked on teaching.

    Mrs. Modena Barclay is Ms. Marilyns’ job coach. “Mrs. Mo”, as she likes to be called, is an employee of the Goodwill. She enjoys working with the students from Phoenix Union High School District. She gets to utilize her skills of teaching business soft skills to the students, alongside of Ms. Marilyn, in a real world work atmosphere.

    At the Goodwill, students have the opportunity to learn how to fill out several types of applications, write resumes, do mock interviews, organize items, sort and price items, and a number of other real work tasks. Students will work alongside Goodwill employees and learn customer service skills. Students also learn real world math skills and simple literacy skills. 

    Ms. Marilyn and Mrs. Mo formally assess the students at the start of the year, beginning of second semester, and the end of the year to show the students how they have grown in their skills for the real world work force.

    Mrs. Mo and Ms. Marilyn do believe that all work and no play is not a fun way to have class. Therefore, they incorporate some fun activities to teach a few of the lessons such as collaboration, positive thinking, decision making, and recycling.

    Come join the Goodwill team, and, just maybe, you will get to meet G. Willy.

    Meet G Willy.        Fun with Mrs. Mo
     The "I Can" can.  I can do all things.           " Yes, I Can."  
    Working hard doing pulls.         merchandise so new merchanise can be put out.
    You will learn to organizing by family, style, size, and color.        Organizing by family, style, size, and color.  
     At the Goodwill we learn to recycle.         Goodwill is one of the biggest recyclers in the valley.  And, we are proud to be part of it.
     We do have classroom time.        Learnig to read and mark price tags.
    We learn the 16 job clusters so we can make wise choices for a career or job.          Marking the page about interviewing.
    All work and no play?  Ms. Marilyn dresses up for halloween.        And so do the students.
    A little fun on the side.  We made balloon eggs for Easter.         More balloon Easter eggs.
    We are off campus so students come and go to the Goodwill via the bus.  So long and hope to see you soon.          Goodwill will always be here for you after graduation and latter in life.