• Name:  Erika Parra 
    Classes Taught:  Algebra 1 - 2 Honors
                               Geometry 2 Honors
    Degree(s):  Arizona State University  
                         BA in Mathematics                     
                         BA in Secondary Education                                       
                         MA in Bilingual Education

    Erika Parra
    Welcome to my homepage!

    I was born in Mexico and moved to Arizona twelve years ago.  I have been working at Metro Tech since 2010.  I am currently teaching Algebra and Geometry Honors.
    My passion for mathematics comes from the link between home and school.  My parents always believed that education is the door to a successful future.  My dad was really good at math.  Furthermore, I had good teachers that guided me through my career.  My inspiration is my family, who has always been the foundation for my success; my husband who has always been supportive and my kids who are my inspiration to be the best person and teacher I can be.
    Early in my high school years, I discovered a personal truth: I have no limitations other than the ones I choose to impose upon myself.  Everyone brings unique talents, gifts, and abilities to the world and some of mine include my strong will and my determination to give something back to the communities in which I was raised. 
    I have high expectations for all my students and I will do my best to bring them to their full potential each day.  
    Room #:  9231
    Office Hours:  M - F 11:30 - 12:30 & 4:00 - 4:30
    Classroom Policies/Rules:  Please refer to the Plan for Success for classroom rules & policies.
    Expectations:  Work from bell to bell, never give up & ask for help!!!!!