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    Mr. Chapman teaches Physics (FYZYX, Fizziks, etc.) and serves as our Gifted Facilitator

    Degree(s):      Bachelor of Science in BioEngineering, University of California at San Diego
                           Masters in Public Health Epidemiology, University of Arizona
                           National Board Certified Teacher in Science - Physics
    Mr. Andrew Chapman, MPH, NBCT brings his experience as a BioEngineer and Epidemiologist to the Physics classes at Metro Tech wherein he facilitates the process of students learning to learn about the universe around them and themselves.  He is a strong supporter of individualized educational models for every student, especially those with special gifts and/or talents, and works with various educational groups and in his roles as campus gifted facilitator and district physics PLC leader to expand the capability for pedagogical excellence from our teachers and administrators, and also to help parents and students understand the nature of giftedness in their lives, and perhaps find additional enjoyment in exploring their potential.  He is currently involved in NSF research exploring factors enhancing STEM success for students in K-16 programs.

    Here we go! Newtons Cradle  prismphysics
    Welcome to Mr. Chapman's classes - please don't forget to sign the safety waiver!
    To keep up with our learning activities, please visit the class blog:     http://chapmanphysics.blogspot.com/
    Hold on tight, we're going to be learning a lot...
    Physics Club meets Tuesdays at lunch, tax donations (thank you!) can be made online, please remember we spell Physics as FYZYX!!!