• Name: Erin Strong
    Subjects / Classes Taught:   College Biology, Freshman Biology & Chemistry
    Degree(s):  BS Secondary Education Biology, Grand Canyon University 2001
                 MA Ed Curriculum & Instruction, University of Phoenix 2010
                 National Board Ceritification, AYA Science, 2015

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    Teaching Philosophy

    All students need an opportunity to experience science as a process and not just learn biology (or any other science) as a collection of unrelated facts. This means that science classes should emphasize how scientists use their observations and readings to ask questions that can lead to new experiments. These experiments build on the work of others and eventually lead to additional evidence on different topics.

    This investigative pro­cess will be used throughout my Biology & AP Biology courses. It is important for students to become excited with discovery as they ask and answer their own questions about natural/biological phenomena that they see, read about, or experience in the laboratory and field. In addition, it is critical that students connect new concepts with what they know, with each connection they help themselves build a solid framework of biological knowledge and scientific know-how. This framework will help students to enter their future, prepared for whatever may lie ahead of them.