Welcome to the fun and exciting world of physics!  Physics is where you will learn to appreciate the way the world around you works and where you will realize that what you think is a reason for an objects behavior is many times not really the correct explanation.  And that is the real fun of Science!
    Below is some information about myself, the classes I teach, and the club I sponsor:
    Instructor:  Mr. Peckham
    Degrees:  Bachelor of science: Physics  (University of Arizona)
                        Master of Science: Physics Education   (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
    Background:  I was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona where I attended Marcos de Niza High School.  I attended the University of Arizona where I recieved my bachelors degree in physics and then taught a variety of math and science coureses over the next 12 years at several high schools.  My wife and I then moved to Missouri and then onto Texas to pursue her career.  Eventually we made it back to Arizona where I was fortunate to return to the same position at Camelback six years after leaving Arizona.   It is great to be back at Camelback!!
    Classes Taught:   Physics, Honors Physics, AP2 physics,  College and career math readiness
    Club's Sponsored:  National Honor Society
    Class schedule: Period 1:  Honors Physics
                                 Period 2: Physics
                                 Period 3: Prep
                                 Period 4: AP 2 Physics
                                 Period 5: Advisory
                                 Period 6: Lunch
                                 Period 7: Physics
                                 Period 8: Honors Physics
    Email:  Peckham@phoenixUnion.org
    Phone: (602) 764-7000
    Location: Room 4303

     key:    44ZP8jqv