• Name: Elizabeth (Janie) Munson
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Academic Decathlon; English 5-6
    Degree(s): BA Journalism; MA Teaching English as a Second Language

    Teaching is my third career and the one I love the most.  It is my pleasure to work with students to achieve academic excellence through "best effort" practice.

  • Room # 3224
  • Office Hours  7:30 to 3:30
  • Textbook(s) Name(s): McDougall Littel American Literature
  • Plan for Success:

    Course Description:  English 5-6 is the third in a series of required English courses. Along with 45 other states, Arizona uses Common Core standards* to guide teaching and learning. The reading curriculum in eleventh grade focuses on American literature, nonfiction, and informational texts, but may also include multicultural texts and a variety of media resources. Reading proficiency and analysis of text are emphasized. Students will write in a variety of forms including narrative, informative, and argument essays. Research writing using MLA style is another major component of the course. English 5-6 coursework incorporates skills necessary for success on the English and Reading portions of the ACT college entrance test that all Junior students at Camelback High School take in Spring Semester.



    Materials Required:    Students will need:

    ·         Pen and pencil

    ·         All Camelback students are required to carry their CBHS binder and agenda. Students will need access to these materials in class.

    ·         *Students will have the choice to purchase novels read in class. Ms. Munson/Dr. Reimers will share that as the year progresses. However, it is not a requirement.

    ·         A box of tissue is requested




    Grading System:          Students will receive one semester grade for the class. The grade is based on performances assessments including but not limited to, homework, writing assignments, quizzes, formal tests, and self-reflection. Grades are based on points earned and are calculated by dividing points earned by the total points possible multiplied by 100%. 


    Semester grade breakdown:

    Grades calculated  as:

    First Term =40%

    A= 90-100%

    Second Term=40%


    Final Exam= 20%

    C= 70-79%


    D= 60-69%


    F=Below 60%



    Students will receive a progress report in the mail every THREE WEEKS. These reports are to inform parents of student progress in the course.  It is imperative that you be aware of these progress reports and review them with your child.


    Parents/Guardians and Students may access a student’s grade by going to Synergy, an online grade system. Call the Registration Office to get log in information for your student.


    Parents may also receive an updated grade upon request.


    Success is Mandatory:


    Per school policy, any sophomore student failing a class at each quarter will be required to complete Success is Mandatory (SIM). This is mandatory for any student who is not achieving success in their classes. Students will be required to accrue a certain number of points based on the number of failing grades they have. See your child’s Advisory teacher for more information.



    Title I Program:           Academic tutoring and test preparation is available to all students. Additional support for passing classes and graduating on time is the intent of these services.  Support through Title I funding is available in the areas of: math, reading and English.  If interested, please contact the Principal, Dr. Chad Gestson, or Assistant Principal for Instruction, Matt Georgia, for additional information at 602-764-7000.


    Make-up Policy:           All work must be turned in by the assigned deadline, as given by teacher. Students who are absent are required to ask the teacher what they need to make up. The teacher will not seek them out.


    Late work is not encouraged. Students should make every effort to hand in all assignments complete and on time. Individual circumstances will be considered, but are not guaranteed. All work may be submitted via email (munson@phoenixunion.org).


    All missing and late work will be addressed outside of class before school, during Advisory, and after school.



    Attendance:                    Presence in class is crucial to the success of all students.

    District policy will be followed. Excessive absences will be handled through the office of the Attendance Liaisons. Students who violate district policy regarding absences may lose credit for the class.