• Danchi Nguyen
    Classes Taught:  Honors Algebra 1-2, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 3-4, Honors Chemistry, Honors Biology
    Education:   B.S. Neuroscience, B.A. Social Psychology, M.Ed. Secondary Science Education, M.E.d. Secondary Montessori
    Room Number:  4304

    Hello!  I am thrilled to be the lead math and science teacher for Camelback Montessori College Preparatory.  Math and science is my passion!  I enjoy having students work on projects and problem sets which allows them to create the relevancy to their own lives and choose which topics to study more in depth.
    Montessori education in math and science provides students the unique opportunity to choose the learning pace that best fits their needs.  Some students opt for the whole class lecture and will continue to work with me on more problems.  Other students prefer to learn the concepts from a textbook or through online videos and will then check-in to ensure their understanding was correct.  Many students choose to sign up for small group lessons tailored to a specific concept or skill that has been a source of misunderstanding while others enjoy the space and time to work independently at their own pace.  Projects and assignments are also differentiated.  Because students are given so much choice in their education, our students are empowered in taking responsibility for their learning while being able to express creatively, share a community, and prepare for the real life transition of moving into a college schedule.

    If you are interested in shadowing or observing in our classroom, please contact me by e-mail and we can make arrangements.  Our application is available online through the Camelback website as well.