• Coach Goertzen
    Todd Goertzen, PE/ Health: Instructional Leader
    Classes Taught: P.e.o.p.e.l. PE, Weight Training, and Health
    Degree(s): ASU BA, K-12 Physical Education
    I graduated from Camelback High School in 1979.  After college, I started coaching at Camelback in 1984.  Then, in 1986 I began teaching at Camelback High School.  This is my 29th year of teaching and my 27th year of coaching.  Through the years, I have had the honor of teaching students in the Camelback neighborhood and community, and I have had the opportunity to help them grow and succeed in life.  To contact me, please see the information below.




    • Room #:  Boys PE Office
    • Office Hours:  7:00 a.m. -7:45 a.m.
    • Philosophy:  Teaching the SPARTAN SHIELD
    • Expectation:  All students are capable of learning and succeeding
    • Clubs Sponsored:  Volleyball and Baseball Coach