• Name:  Jim Goggin
    Subjects / Classes Taught:  World History / Geography 1 & 2 
    Degree(s):  MA Webster University, BA University of Maryland @ College Park

    I would like to welcome you to my World History & Geography (WH/G) web page.  I am a retired United States Army Intelligence Officer and have been teaching high school history and health classes for 29 years in Arizona.  I was very privileged to join our staff for the 2011-2012 school year.  In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I have coached and helped out with our football, wrestling and track programs over the years.  I feel extremely honored to be at Cesar Chavez High School working with highly dedicated and professional staff and faculty committed to each student's success in the classroom and life.  Most importantly, I enjoy the opportunity to work with so many wonderful students striving to maximize their learning experience for a promising and rewarding lifetime ahead.  Cesar Chavez High School students are highly committed to success and a pleasure to teach and learn with.  This will be another great year!
    My teaching philosophy is simple, and was learned while attending university in England.  I believe all students can and will learn if provided an appropriate and encouraging learning environment.  I believe all students learn differently and it is my responsibility to find the best teaching strategies, methods and tools to promote each student’s learning potential and success.  I believe World History/Geography is interesting, and it is my job to make learning it and connecting the past to the present and future "fun."  I am a strong supporter of our AVID program and use AVID teaching strategies, methods and tools in my classroom activities every day.  I believe Close Reading, Cornell Notes, fundamentally sound and effective writing skills and techniques, including the basic Five Paragraph Essay, and good bell work including summary ideas and review of AZ state standards, are all keys to learning World History successfully.  I also believe quality video brings history alive.  I believe in an "I do, we do, you do" approach to learning, similar to great coaching practices, which assists all students in learning.  I will work hard to prepare all students for the increased academic rigor they will encounter in the 11th and 12th grades.  I believe that the staff, faculty, parents/guardians and students all work together for maximum student achievement and success.
    Teacher and parent/guardian communication is critical to student success.  Please contact me immediately if you have any concerns, questions or comments.  I value your communication, check my email daily at school, and will always return communication within 24 hours of reception.  Many questions can also be answered by reading my student's Plan for Success (PFS), which is available in the documents folder of this website and in your student's World History notebook.  In addition, you can find templates and guides in the documents section for Close Reading, Cornell Notes, Thinking Maps, Bell Work and writing, including the Five Paragraph Essay.  I am always available for tutoring before and after school.  Students are also welcome during the daily Advisory class.  We all learn together and no one has all the answers.  We are a TEAM; Together Everyone Achieves More! 

    Office Hours:  Room 3101 from 7am – 3:30pm and by appointment.  Students are encouraged to use the Advisory period for tutoring as well.
    Classroom Policies/Rules:  As defined in my Student Plan for Success, which can be found in the documents folder of this website and in your student's World History notebook.
    Textbook:  World History, McDougal Littell, 2010.  Students are encouraged to use our text to supplement classroom learning and activities.  Associated activities and page numbers that can assist learning are always posted.
    Syllabus Aligned to Arizona State Standards and distributed World History Scope & Sequence  / Current Unit of Study:  Unit One  😉 
    Assignments:  Close Reading with Marking the Text, Cornell Notes, Thinking Maps, Unit Vocabulary, Video Review Guide, Five Paragraph Subject Analysis, Unit/Chapter Study Guides, Video Presentations, Group Projects/Assignments, among others.
    Teaching Strategies and Methods:  Reading (Close Reading) (Key Idea / Supporting Details) (Marking the Text}(Summary), Writing (Five paragraph Essay), PowerPoint Presentation, Cornel Notes, Select Subject Videos with Video Review Guides (VRG), Graphing, Thinking Maps, Mathematical Computations, Cooperative Learning, Interactive Learning, Explicit Teaching, KWL, Summarized Lesson Review.

    Videos In Upper Left Corner: Videos that can directly reference and reinforce daily lessons and learning. Try one.
    Grading:  In accordance with PUHSD grade guide.  A= 90%+, B=80%+, C=70%+, D=60%+, F= less than 60%.
    Homework is always the daily assignments listed on our class website and white board not completed during class.  Thank you. 😉 
    Words for the Week...Keep up, do a little everyday.  We can, we must, we WILL be successful!  "As, Bs, and Cs get DEGREES!" Champions ALWAYS rule!  Pay attention to the Super 7 for great Unit Test Scores.
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