• Family/Consumer Science Department
    Instructional Leader: Jennifer Sharp

    The Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Department has great opportunities for students to try something new.  Fashion & Design, taught by Ms. Korman and Early Childhood Education, taught by Mrs. Sharp, give students plenty of hand-on, real life experiences learning industry based standards and skills.



    Fashion is a two year program.  During the first year, students learn the basics and safety of using all kinds of small and large sewing equipment. They learn about the history of fashion, how to choose the proper clothing and accessories, drawing and computerized designs, and retail and merchandising.  Student will complete three sewing projects their first year.  With the skills students learn the first year, will prepare them for more complicated projects the second year in Fashion.  During the second year, students will create a concept board with a their own fashion design, and then they will sew that outfit.  This outfit will be used in their store window display, modeled in our spring fashion show, and used for the FCCLA State Competition. Students will learn how to find jobs in the fashion industry, set career goals, and create a fashion resume. Core academics including reading, writing, and mathematics will be used throughout both years of Fashion.



    Early Childhood Education (ECE) is a two-year program for students who want to work with children, as teachers, child care providers or in other professional fields.  Using a project-based approach, students develop skills in guiding and teaching children based on well-known child development theory and knowledge.  Realistic learning experiences are provided through the Empathy Belly (a pregnancy simulator), RealCare Baby (an infant simulator) and the Observation Preschool, the 8-week end-of-year program where students get to plan for and work directly with preschool-aged children.   Students have the chance to experience the career and technical student organization (CTSO) Future Educators of America (FEA) activities, and participate in leadership and team-building events.  This class is a must for students who work with or plan to have children!