• Reading Department
    Hello, thank you for visiting our website.  I'd like to introduce you to the Reading Department.
    The Instructional Leader is Talibah Mitchell who can be contacted at:
    Phone #:(602) 764-2000 
    Email: abdullah-mitchell@phoenixunion.org
    Reading teachers:
    Nuria Gamboa 
    Suzane Hernandez
    Talibah Mitchell
    Martha Olibarria
    The Reading Department offers the following courses at Maryvale High School:

    Reading Fundamentals / Read 180
    This is a two-period, two-semester course offered to all grade levels.  The placement criteria for this class is scoring below grade level on standardized reading comprehension tests (AIMS) or instructor recommendation.  This is an elective credit with no prerequisite required.
    Students take this course for periods of their day in block class designed to teach the Arizona State Standards for Reading (Language Arts).  Students will develop fundamental reading skills, apply comprehension strategies, and build vocabulary necessary to become independent readers.  The curriculum is based on Scholastic's Read 180 framework.  Students read Scholastic books at their own individual reading level and work on a computer software program from Scholastic.  In addition, students work in small groups with the instructor using the Scholastic rSkills workbooks. 
    System 44
    Folded into our Reading Fundamentals block is another reading program from Scholastic called "System 44."  Students using that program need additional support in phonemic awareness and phonic skills.  They are tested using the Scholastic Phonics inventory and then placed in System 44 if needed.  This program then uses a different software component that teaches the sounds and letters system in the English language.  This software program is self-paced and when students reach the proficient level on the software, they are moved out of the System 44 group, and placed into the other Read 180 groups in the room that are using the rSkills workbooks and the other Scholastic Topic Software.
    Strategic Reading / Read 180
    This is a one-period, two-semester course designed to provide a second year of Reading to students who have taken the Reading Fundamental course, but are still reading below grade level.  Older students who did not take reading as freshmen or sophomores who have not scored as proficient on the AIMS test, are also allowed to take this course.  This is an elective credit offered to students in grades 10-12.  This course provides additional support in reading instruction that will help them develop the reading comprehension strategies needed to meet the Arizona State Standards in Reading (Language Arts).  Students will become critical and independent readers.  Students will use the Scholastic rSkills Flex book and the Read 180 Topic Software Program.  The content is largely focused on the analysis and comphrehension of nonfiction writing.  Students will read books at their reading level and work with the instructor on specific reading strategies in small groups.