• Name: 
       Suzanne Vogt, NBCTYale University Library, CT, June 2011
          picture @ right: Yale University Library, CT, June 2011
    Room # / Office Hours:
       2205/KKIS 2:50 - 3:30 Monday - Thursday
    Subjects / Classes Taught:
       Advanced Placement United States History 1 & 2
       United States/Arizona History 1 & 2
       MAS Geographic Education, Summa Cum Laude, ASU, 2010
       BAE Social Studies-History, Summa Cum Laude, ASU, 2006

    Welcome to Ms. Vogt's Classroom Website

        I currently teach Advanced Placement United States History 1 & 2 and United States/Arizona History 1 & 2 at Trevor G. Browne High School in Phoenix, Arizona in the Phoenix Union High School District. Additionally, I co-sponsor the Bruin Up Some History Club and coach the Junior Varsity Lady Bruins Volleyball Team. I am also proud to share with you that I am a Nationally Board Certified Teacher, and am happy to work with you and your student.
       It is my research-based, heartfelt educational philosophy that all students can learn. To accomplish this goal of learning and retaining content knowledge and life skills, students must complete all assignments on time especially homework and nightly study hours that are required to be meaningful participants in the classroom. I recommend that students study for this class, and all others, for a minimum of 10 minutes a night. This studying can take the form of reviewing vocabulary or class notes in the Interactive Notebook, writing study questions and summaries to complete Cornell notes, and re-reading material from the text or handouts that were not quite understood the first time. If there are words students do not understand in the readings, as there often are in my course content, consult a dictionary.
       As a final academic note to my students: I already know the content I teach; YOU have to learn it through a variety of educational strategies.
    No one is more responsible for your own education than you.
       On a more personal note, I have been honored as the Trevor Browne Certified Employee of the Month for October 2011. A big thanks to my students who helped me earn this award! I also am a recipient of the Arizona Council for the Social Studies Great Moments in Social Studies Teaching 2011 Award for a lesson I created on the D-Day Invasion during World War II. This current year I have also been recognized by the National Council for Geographic Education with a K-12 Distinguished Teaching Award. I am proud that I have been celebrated for my work in the classroom.
       This website has been designed to give students access to the content in my class if they happen to be absent, are academically confused, or if they just need a reminder of what has been taking place in the classroom. I try to update my website at least once a week, but please be aware that sometimes life happens and information is not made readily available. Please feel free to contact me, submit ideas for the website content, or download documents as needed.