English 3-4                 college cube
    Name: J. Harris   
    Subjects / Classes Taught: English 5-6, English 3-4, and AVID Elective Classes
    Degree(s): M.A. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, B.A. English Education

    Welcome Parents and Students: 

    This year, we will utilize Common Core Curriculum which uses World Literature to focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.   While critical thinking is essential to the course, we will review basic grammar and the writing process.   Literary genres include historical text, short stories, novels, poetry, non-fiction, and drama.  Looking forward to a great year!


    All students can learn!
    Expectations:  I expect an open line of communication between student, teacher, and parents.
    Class  Rules:    1.  Come to class prepared to learn.
                             2.  Be respectful.   .

                             3.  Consume all food and drink outside of the classroom.

                               4.   Follow all School Rules.   School Rules will be enforced.
               5.  Return items to their original place after each use.



    Late Work:     Late work will not be accepted.   Please complete assignments on time.