• Name: Dorothy Spartz


    Subjects / Classes Taught: Economics, Honors Economics


    Degree(s):     B.A. Secondary Education, University of Arizona, 1991

                  M.Ed. Secondary Education, Arizona State University, 1994

    Email:          dspartz@phoenixunion.org


    Voicemail:     (602)764-8783




    On the Civil War Battlefield in Vicksburg, MS



    ·         Room#: 2204

    ·         Office Hours: Before school, lunch, after school

    ·         Textbook:    Economics: Principles in Action

    ·         Materials Needed: binder/folder, spiral notebook, flash drive, loose leaf paper, highlighter, pencils/pens

    ·         Classroom Policies:  No food or drink during class, phones and music need to be kept off, wear your ID