• Name: Christina Huvelle      Room #3020      Office Hours 3:05-3:30 or by appointment
    Email: huvelle@phoenixunion.org
    Classes Taught: World History & Geography I & II
    Degree: BA English with History minor, UC Davis
     id    University of California at Davis                                                                                                                                     

    I am happy that I will be working with you this year, and I look forward to many fun and productive days in class.
    We will work together to ensure your success in World History & Geography I & II.
    You will be engaged in challenging learning, which will be interesting and worthwhile, and the work that you put into the class will pay off.
    Feel free to come to me any time with questions or concerns about the class, classwork, or your grade.
    Have a great school year!

    The first semester will consist of the following units:

    Unit 1: The World in Spatial Terms &  Early Civilizations

    Unit 2: World Belief Systems/Religions

    Unit 3: World in Transition

    Unit 4: Renaissance and Reformation

    Unit 5: Encounters and Exchanges


    The second semester will consist of the following units:

    Unit 6: Age of Revolution
    Unit 7: Imperialism
    Unit 8: World War I & Russian Revolution
    Unit 9: World War II & Cold War
    Unit 10: Contemporary World
    Additional content:

    Course Content (Arizona Standards)