2019-2020 Fitness and Sports
    Fitness and Sports delivers a fast paced-high energy opportunity for students to participate in traditional sports, new sports, and international games.  The requirements are Purple Shirt and Black Shorts ($15 in bookstore) tennis shoes.  Most activities are done in 1 week intervals, and performance tests are incorporated throughout the term.  The national title series brings a unique twist to weekly cardio, and sport interaction, minimal down time with high energy movement performed with other classes.
    Performance:40%    Warm-up-Dynamics-Lesson-Game
    Assignments:40%     Written Assignments per Unit
    Exams 20%               Pre. Mid, Post, Fitnessgram  Unit Exams 
    District Assessments are Pre, Mid, and Post Tests in the Semester
    Fitnessgram is the performance test per the district.