• Ironman Cal Name: Mr. Robert Paul Ramirez
    Classes Taught: Anatomy and Physiology, Plant and Animal Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space, Environmental Conservation, and Physics.
    Degree(s): B.S. from A.S.U., Operating Engineer's Apprenticeship; Union Local #428 from Central Arizona College, and Post - Bac in Education from Ottawa University
    Email: rramirez@phoenixunion.org

          Hello, this is  Robert Paul Ramirez expressing how proud and honored I am to teach Science at Cesar Chavez High School. I was a graduate of the Roosevelt and Phoenix Union High School Districts by 1976. Received an Associate's Degree from Glendale Community College; then joined the Operating Engineer's Union as a Heavy-Duty Welding Mechanic with a Journeyman's Licence from Central Arizona College by 1991; the same year I earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree from ASU. Became certified with a teaching degree from the University of Ottawa by 1995 the began Directing the Cesar Chavez Agribusiness Magnet Program by 2000. Today, I am teaching Freshman Physical Science and loving every single minute of it.  I have now facilitated as many as 19 different classes for the 19 years I have been at Cesar Chavez High School. Welcome # 20 year and Freshman of 2023!!!!     GO CHAMPIONS -  FOREVER!