• Name: Casillas, Rita
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Fitness & Sports, , Girls Weight Training,
    Degree(s): BA in Secondary Education

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    I am Rita Casillas.  I have been teaching at Cesar Chavez for 12 years.  I enjoy being a part of the Cesar Chavez family.  My family has lived in the Laveen area for the past 25 years.  It is nice to be involved in the community that surrounds our high school.  I often hike and bike in the South Mountain area. 
    One of my goals is to help students become more aware of how to improve their level of fitness so they can use that knowledge for the rest of their life to help them stay healthy.  Another goal is to teach them skills in a variety of sports and basic weight lifting technique.  I teach Girl's Weight Training, Physical Education, and Fitness & Sports.  All of these classes allow me to focus on teaching students a wide variety of activities through which they can incorporate fitness into their lives.  The Physical Education and Fitness & Sport classes will focus on a wide range of sports, including individual and team sports.  Some of the individual sports we will be covering are tennis, racquetball, golf and track events.  The team sports will include, volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey.  My Weight Training classes focus a great deal on the importance of setting goals both for fitness and daily activities.  The students will learn correct, safe weight lifting technique, as well as the names of the main muscles and their purpose in helping us move.
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