Name: Leonard Lev
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Evening School English 1-4 Review
    Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts, University of Iowa
                      Masters of Education, Arizona State University

    ESO English 5-8
    • Room # 3201
    • Evening school provides students with the unique opportunity to receive a semester's English credit for successfully completing a 6-week course. Every class
    • period will feature time spent on grammar, reading strategies and writing skills. I believe that it is important to know if students are learning the material being taught, therefore, students can expect to be evaluated on a daily basis. In addition to daily assessments, students will also take weekly exams (every Thursday), a midterm and final exam. Final grades reflect exam results, completed classwork, participation, and writing samples. 
    Students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared to work. As a result of the unique nature of evening school, students are expected to be in class regularly. Students who miss three (3) classes can be dropped from the class. Disruptive and disrespectful behaviors can also result in a student being dropped from the class.
    My gradebook is updated on a regular basis and students can expect to receive a progress report every week. Students and parents can also check on progress by logging into Web-based gradebook. 
    All of our reading selections come from the textbook. Students are given photocopies of each reading selection so they can practice marking the text. Each of our reading selections can also be accessed via the online textbook.
    The second 6-week session breaks down as follow:
    Week 1:
    Reading Reading Skill  Grammar Writing
    Setting, Mood and Imagery pg. 302-307

    Guided Note-Taking

    Annotating Text

    Capitalization Summaries
    Through the Tunnel  pg. 328-338

     Drawing Conclusions


      Using Context Clues 

    Analyzing Details

       Setting as a symbol    


    Week 2:
    Reading Reading Skill Grammar Writing
    A Christmas Memory pg. 310-322

    Making Inferences

    Analyzing imagery

    Using Commas and Semicolons Informative Essay

    Using Context Clues 

    Details of Setting

    Week 3: Midterm
    Reading Reading Skill Grammar Writing
    A Walk in the Woods pg. 362-369 Setting and Mood Parts of Speech Cause and Effect Essay
      Author's Perspective   Paraphrase
      Cause and Effect    
    A Wilderness Letter      
    Week 4:
    Reading Reading Skill Grammar Writing
    A Walk in the Woods pg. 362-369 Setting and Mood Review capitalization and punctuation Cause and Effect Essay
    A Wilderness Letter pg. 373-375 Author's Perspective   Summaries
      Context Clues    

    Week 5:
    Reading Reading Skill Grammar Writing
    Marigolds pg. 410-419 Theme and Setting   Cause and Effect  Essays
      Drawing Conclusions   Summaries
      Using Context Clues    

    Week 6:
    Finals Week
    Reading Reading Skill Grammar Writing
    The Sharks pg. 380 Analyzing Poetry   Summaries
    The Peace of Wild Things pg. 382