• Sniff, Hope
    Health Education

    Mrs. Sniff  

    Welcome to Health!!!

    I am on my 16th year teaching at Cesar Chavez. I have a passion for teaching and helping the youth of today make life changing decisions. As a teen, your health may be the last thing on your mind. But what you do now will affect h

    ow healthy you'll be as an adult. It can also mean the difference between a long life and one that's prematurely cut short. Though some conditions often seem to strike at random and others are inherited, many illnesses and injuries can be avoided. You can't change your genes or your luck, but you can control your behavior and choices that can prevent serious illnesses and injuries.

    Health is a semester course. .

    It is a requirement for graduation. This Health class is designed to address some social, physical, emotional, and mental aspects of adolescent students.

    The overall goal is to help our students strive to reach their potential in health and wellness as they transition from adolescence to adulthood.

    We will discuss and learn about what Health is and different aspects that define Health. Other topics we will discuss, some are sensitive such as grief and loss,  depression and eating disorders. The class will also talk about being physically healthy as well as drugs, alcohol, tobacco and human sexuality.

    If you have any question please contact me.


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