• Name: Dagnet, Emmanuel
    Subjects / Classes Taught: French 1-2; French 5-6H; French AP
    Degree(s): BS Old Dominion University; MBA University of Hawaii at Manoa/CEFAM University of Lyon-France; MA University of Phoenix; Currently enrolled in Phd Grand Canyon University.

  • Room # 6103
  • Office Hours 7.00 am-7.30 am everyday except Wednesdays
La Tour Eiffel

Charlemagne said: “To possess another language is to possess another soul” We, at Cesar Chavez, thrive to help students possess another soul…..in order to do so, Mr. Dagnet organizes events for students centered around the French language and the Francophone culture. Students have the opportunity to participate in cultural events during the French week, go to a French bakery for a French breakfast, or meet real French speaking people from France. Whether you are a student interested in joining the French club, or a parent who wants to learn more about the French AP program, feel free to contact  the AP French teacher and French club sponsor: Mr. Dagnet…. dagnet@phoenixunion.org
Here is the powerpoint of Paris I use -most years- with first year students on the first day of class. It is a beautiful powerpoint of Paris. Enjoy...here it is...Paris