Hello there, Chavez students and families!
    This is my 15th year here at CCHS, and I am thrilled to have you / your student in my classes(es)!
    This year I will be teaching United States History, Advanced Placement United States History, and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition. 
    Please contact me at ccunningham@phoenixunion.org if you have questions or concerns about classes or about the CCHS Spirit Line/Cheer Team.
    Thank you! 
    All four of my kiddos at Christmas~ 2016  <3 

    Me and all 4 of my kiddos



    Cunningham, Charlene
    Bachelor's Degree in Psychology w/ English Lit Minor~1995 from the University of South Florida
    Master's Degree in Education Curriculum~ 2005 from Arizona State University

     Welcome to Honors Freshmen English and AP English Language and Composition!

    • Room # 4202
    • Office Hours 2:30pm-3pm