• Mr. Johnson

    Abraham A. Johnson
    BA in Social Studies; MA Curriculum and Instruction  

    Welcome viewers to Mr. Johnson’s CORNER, where all of you have an opportunity to keep up to date with Coach Abraham Johnson at Cesar Chavez High School. Mr. Johnson returned to Cesar Chavez in 2007 after being gone from the home of the Champions for three year. Over his 23 year career as a teacher, Mr. Johnson coached Football, Basketball and Track & Field in the Phoenix area, as well as the Southern California area. In 2020-2021, Mr. Johnson will be teaching Government and Honors Government for Seniors. 


    Mr. Johnson was born in Chicago, Illinois, and also grew up in Pasadena, CA from the age of 10 to 19. Growing up there he was recognized as an outstanding student-athlete in football and track.

    Mr. Johnson attended a Junior College in the pursuit of continuing his education his dream of playing football on a scholarship at a university. While attending school, he’s received his A.A. Degree from L.A. Valley Community College and his B.A. from Cal State Los Angeles. In May of 2017 Mr. Johnson received his Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is pursuing a second Masters in Educational Leadership with the emphasis in being a Principal to further help students outside of the classroom.


    Here on this website you will receive up to date information on Government and Politics.


    This site is designed to keep students, parents and all others up to date on the expectations that are set for students to become successful in school and all aspects of their lives.

    Mr. Johnson believes the following: "In education, to build a better world we must have a strong community. This takes the efforts of administrators, teachers, parents and STUDENTS. As an educator I will use all of my efforts and resources to aid students in reaching their goals and full potential."

    If there are any questions, concerns or problems that he can help with feel free to make contact.


    “The secret of success in life for any man or woman is to be ready for their opportunities when they come…"
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