• Name: Ms. Williams
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Dance
    Degree(s): BFA in Dance Education 

    Welcome everyone to Beginning,Intermediate and Advanced Dance at Maryvale High School! Throughout the year we will focus on dance styles such as modern, ballet, and jazz along with various choreography techniques.  Dancers will also participate in a dance performance each semester in order to show off their new skills!
    EXPECTATIONS                          DANCER ATTIRE                           CLASSROOM POLICIES
       *Be on time                                               *Black Dance Clothes                                *No Drinks or Food in Dance Room
       *Always Dress Out                                    *Barefeet or jazz shoes                                *No eating or chewing gum while dancing
       *Have a Positive Attitude                          *Hair tied back in a ponytail                       *Treat dance room equipment with respect
       *Always Try 110%                                     *No big/dangly jewelry                               *No Dancing with socks on