• Rachel Gonzalez 
    Fitness and Sports/Health
    B.S. in Physical Education emphases K-12
    Masters in Education

     My name is Rachel Gonzalez.and I teach Health and Fitness and Sports.  I also coach Varsity Girls Golf and Varsity Softball.  This is my webpage so please feel free to look around and e-mail me with any questions.  I am currently teaching Health periods 2, 3 and 6 and Fitness and Sports periods 4 and 5.   I have provided both Plan for Successes for each class which includes a parent signature page and a sex-ed permission letter  also to be returned for all Health classes.  Please have your parent sign and return a copy to me at the beginning of the class period.  The parent signature page is due by Friday, August 11 and the sex-ed letter must be returned before this unit begins.  My classroom number is 7142, my office hours are all day every day. The textbook we will use is Holt, Health.  I am also the club sponsor of Varsity Girls Golf and Varsity Softball.  Again, please contact me through email with any questions and or concerns.  Thank you for your interest in your Childs academic success.  Make it a great day!!
      2010 State Championship, Tucson

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