•     Phoenix Community College recognize Ms. Arriaga 

     Ms. Arriaga

    North High School

    Community Organization Partner

    Ms. Arriaga, a Spanish teacher at North High School, helps to open the door to higher education for her students and their parents. For the last four years, Ms. Arriaga has prepared her students for the annual Phoenix College World Languages Competition for high school students – creating a college campus opportunity that many students may not typically experience. She mentors and encourages them to consider a college education and provides them with information on the admissions process, financial aid, and advisement. She also teaches parents of North High School students, providing information on college readiness and encourages them to consider Phoenix College as an option for continuing education for themselves and their children. Recognizing the opportunities that Higher Education can provide, Ms. Arriaga is a strong advocate to get her students, and their parents, to start thinking about education beyond the high school experience.

    Golden Bear Champion  Award 
    Best Practices  Award
    World Language Leader Recognition
    Employee of the Month 
    North High School prides itself in being an exemplary learning community in which all members experience academic rigor, accountability, diversity and involvement in order to maximize individual potential.
     Every Student, Every Day.
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                                             Email / correo electrónico: arriaga@phoenixunion.org
    Office Hours & Tutoring:    
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday         7:30 a.m.-8:50 a.m.  2:40p.m. - 3:30p.m   
    Horario de oficina~tutoría: 
    Lunes, martes, jueves y viernes    7:30 a.m.- 8:50a.m. 2:40pm -3:30p.m.         
                                                       School year 2022-2023
     AP Language and Culture 1-2

    Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2 & 3-4 Honors
    AP Spanish Language and Culture 1-2
                          Intellectual Growth
    • Present literary concepts  to appreciate, comprehend and analyze literature
    • Introduce linguistic concepts essential to the comprehension of the function and nature of language.
    • Discuss social and cultural traditions of various countries
    • Identifying facts, terms, concepts, principles and theories that underlie the comprehension of language, literature, and culture


                         Creative Growth

    • Stimulate the intellectual curiosity of students.
    • Study the literary works of the Spanish language.
    • Provide a supportive and nurturing environment to learn a variety of skills in Spanish.
    • Encourage the application of language skills to such fields as teaching, international business, local and state government employment, diplomatic service, translation, advanced graduate studies, and related professions

                         Personal Growth

    • Providing opportunities to develop constructive attitudes in interpersonal relations and to demonstrate personal growth
    • Creating opportunities to strengthen connections with our community.
    • Providing the guidance needed to strengthen both spoken and written communication skills