• Name: Mr. Srnka Johnson   
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Physical Science & Physics
    Degree(s): BSE Civil Engineering;  MED Secondary Education
    Welcome to the class!  I have been teaching here at Carl Hayden for the last four years.  I have taught Math classes and am currently teaching Physical Science, and Honors Physics.  I transitioned from Engineering into Education in an attempt to be part of a larger more urgently needed solution to our global issues.  My philosophy is that our children provide our greatest hope for solving the multitude of issues that face us in the twenty-first century.  My primary goal is to motivate students towards science and engineering careers by realizing their potential and aptitude for them.
    My door is always open as I am always interested in ways to assist our students.  Please feel free to contact me via email (shown above) or by phone at 602 764-3000 Ext 60252.



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