• Name: Nafisseh Rouholamini
    Subjects / Classes Taught: French
    Degree(s): Master in French Language and Litterature

     Bonjour! Je m'apple Mme. Rouholamini
    Hello! My name is Nafisseh Rouholamini. I teach French at Carl Hayden. During my teenage years I lived in Aix- en Provence , France, and I attended " Universite d'Aix- Marseille". I received my teaching certification from St. Martin's University in Olympia, Washington where I taught English as a Second Language for a few years before moving to Arizona. I love teaching foreigne languages and working with diverse population. I like spending time with my family, reading books and swimming. I enjoy traveling and visiting different countries.

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    • Room # 803
    • Office Hours: Before school, after school, advisory, and lunch
    • Textbook(s) Name(s) Discovering French Bleu, and Discovering French Blanc.
    • Plan for Success French 1-2
    • Plan for Success French 3- 4
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