• Name: Jeffrey Goldstein
    Subjects / Classes Taught:  Health Education
    Degree(s): Bachelors of Science in Education: Health Education and Physical Education

    Greetings and welcome to Panthers Health Education.  Thank you for visiting our page.

    This course is a semester course required for graduation.  Health Education is designed to promote health literacy within a framework of successful decisions making in developing adolescents.  Students who successfully fulfill the course requirements will have a deeper meaning of what health is and an increased responsibility to advocate for the overall wellbeing of self, family and community.  While developing a health literate student with strong foundational content knowledge sensitive topics will be discussed.  Topics like grief & loss, depression, eating disorders as well as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, human sexuality & relationships.


    In conclusion, it is our mission to prepare students for success in college, career, and life and to build a foundation of a healthy lifestyle to carryover through adulthood.  Attached below is our Plan for Success.

    I also coach one of the fastest growing high school running programs in the Valley.  The Maryvale Panthers Cross Country and Track and Field programs have grown tenfold in only four years.  Maryvale is also the home of the 2011 PUHSD Cross Country Champion, AIA Section One Cross Country Champion, and an AIA All-State Athlete.
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