• Name: A. McIntosh
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Math Technologyportrait
    Degree(s): MSAGB, Arizona State University                   

    In class p.1, 2, 3, 5 & 7 
    Room #304
    Office Hours:  2:30-3:30 T,TH,F
    Welcome to Math Technology.  Math Technology is a 12th grade math class.  The goal is explore mathematics through technology.  The textbook used in class is called "Financial Algebra" by Gerver & Sgroi, ISBN 0538449675.  This book is a great way of answering one of the most important questions in any math class, "How/When am I going to use this?".  The book is available for checkout at the bookstore or you can access it online with passodes that I have. 
    Although this is the texbook for class, much of class is not in the textbook.  That is part of the reason that attendance is so important.  Learning in Math Technology is assessed not only through testing but also through a portfolio of projects and presentations.  This is a great privilege because many of us cannot express how much we have learned through a written test.  Make sure that you are cleared for internet use at the school comptuer lab. 
    Take advantage of technology!  In Math Technology, calculators are encouraged!  Casio graphing calculators are available for checkout at the bookstore.  Get them and use them.  I can show you how to do anything on them that you need to do.  In fact, if you need help for using your school-issued Casio 9750 GII Graphing Calculator for another class, come by and I'll help you figure it out. 
    Updates, deadlines & examples for projects will be posted as we progress through the year on my blog: 
    Spreadsheets that you create will be 'shared' to me via Google Drive (mathcintech@gmail.com).  This way we do not have to buy/install Microsoft Excel etc.  The other advantage to this is that everything is instantly saved in the cloud (ooh)This will require that you get a google account. 
    Best of Luck This Year Class of 2014,
    August McIntosh