Name: Archana Chaudhari
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Computer Science 1-2H; Computer Science 5-6AP; Computer Science Senior Seminar
    Degree(s): Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science

    Welcome to my lab, 213. I teach Computer Science 1-2H. This is an accelerated course of study for students who have previous experience using computers. Students develop computer skills in areas such as word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets and databases. Students use these skills while studying current and future computer uses, computer ethics, hardware and software, and computer history. Projects are included that allow students to work individually and in groups. This course provides an introduction to structured computer programming and software engineering. Computer ethics and responsibility are emphasized.
    I also teach Computer Science 5-6AP. In Computer Science 5-6 AP students apply their programming skills to larger and more complex problems and situations. Students develop an understanding of how programming works as a large scale process by using case studies and working on programming teams. Understanding and using complex data structures such as arrays, ArrayLists and classes is the primary focus of this course. Students completing this course are prepared to take the AdvancedPlacement Exam in Computer Science.
    I am teaching Innovative Technolgy - Game Design. Students in this course will study the technology, science and art involved in the creation of computer games. Study will include variety of software's like Game Maker, Construct-2, Unity-3D. Student will also learn to create Game Apps. Students will study some of the underlying scientific concepts from computer science and related fields including: simulation and modeling, graphics, artificial intelligence, real-time processing, and game theory. Additional study will include the art and design principles for developing usable and engaging games including: software engineering, human computer interaction, graphic design, music and sound effects, and game aesthetics.
    Computer Science Senior Seminar is a course designed for students who wish to do independent study in areas of computer science that interest them. Through this course students will complete individual and/or group projects and may prepare for computer competitions. Students will keep a log and Journal to organize their project. Possible topics include advanced programming, robotics, video game design, operating systems, video production, and web design. Any appropriate topic can be pursued. Students will benefit from taking this course by learning about advanced topics in computer studies, setting their own course of study, and presenting their projects to an audience. Students will become proficient at using the computer as a tool and synthesizing information.
    Room #: 213
    Office Hours: 7:30-8:00; 12:25-1:05;3:05-3:30
    Textbook(s) Name(s): 
                    CS 5-6AP - Java Concepts by Cay Horstmann, 5th Edition
                    Java Concepts study Guide by Cay Horstmann, 5th Edition
                    Barrons AP Computer Science Level A 
    Clubs sponsored: Demko Makers Club - Game Development Guild  
    Contact Number: 602-764-3156 
    Contact Email: chaudhari@phoenixunion.org
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