• Dennis J. Biondolillo
    Subjects / Special education services: Math and English Degree(s): BA, Queens College, CUNY, MS: Long Island University, Post Graduate: Adelphi University, Brooklyn College, CUNY, College of St. Rose. 
    Room: S 45, Office Hours M-F 2:45-3:30PM.Mathematics: Geometry; Plan for Success: as needed by student; Philosophy: highly effective learning, thinking, growth and success are attainable by any student reguardless of educational level.

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     Welcome to this site. I am a retired NYC Special Education  teacher with 30 years of experience in inner city classrooms. I am a licensed teacher trainer and my biography has been listed in two editions of Who's Who Among America's teachers. I retired from the New York City system in June of 2010 and joined the Phoenix Union High School System in October of 2010. I am currently working at North High School.

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    • Room # Numerous in both the Science and Language Arts buildings.
    • Office Hours: by appointment only.
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    • Plan for Success: Student success is linked to effective instruction and a willing compassion to recognize gifts that children bring to the learning environment.
    • Teaching Philosophy: My philosophy doesn't dwell on slogans. I firmly believe that each student brings to the education environment unique gifts that must be discovered by the teacher and then nutured to self-actualization. Children respond to good teaching and will act out when the learning component has not been maximized. Since education is an ongoing process, new ways of addressing challenges must be discovered. This, I feel, is the path to great teaching. 
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    • Expectations: Very high. You must be aware of strengths from the moment the child enters your room.
    • Classroom Policies/Rules: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
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