• My Graduation Day from NAU with my brother by my side.
    Mr. Newton
    Subjects / Classes Taught: English 3-4 Honors, English 5-6
    Degree(s): Bachelor's of Science in Education with and Emphasis in Secondary English Education from Northern Arizona University

    Hello and welcome to my page. I am Beau Newton, and I teach English at Alhambra. This is my second year at this school, and I am a proud Lion! Please use this page for access to links and content I use for my classes, as well as my contact information.

    Teaching Philosophy: I believe that everyday is an opportunity. I get a chance to help my students learn something new and take control of their education, and they in turn are given an opportunity to look at things from new perspectives, think differently, engage their peers, and develop new skills through the content we cover in class. My classroom is successful when everyone is active and participates, and are willing to try things they are unsure of, and give everything their best effort. I expect nothing but the best from my students.

    Room #4006

    Office Hours:    7:30-8:00 a.m. (Monday-Friday)
                                 3:00-3:50 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday-Friday)

    Textbook(s):    ENG 3-4- McDougall Littell Literature (Blue)

                                ENG 5-6- McDougall Littell Literature  (Gold)

     Online Textbooks: www.classzone.com
                                        Sophomore access code: 3711163-20
                                        Junior access code:            3711163-20

    Classroom Policies/Rules:

                    1. Resepect the three "P's" (People, Places, and Property).
                    2. Participate in class, not distractions.
                    3. Contribute to the positive classroom environment.
                    4. Be active; don't opt out activities or conversation.
                    5. Stay on task from bell to bell.
    Plan for Success/Syllabus:

    Junior Syllabus
    Students! Look Below!
    These are the links you need to know to be successful in our class. Familiarize yourself with the websites so you know how to use them.
    • Our class has a Collaborize Classroom account, that we will use to complete homework assignments, have online discussions, and complete surveys.
    • Socrative is a website we use from time to time to take quizzes in class, take anonymous polls, and complete exit tickets.
    • Lore is a social networking site for teachers and students. Here you can find resources I post that can be used for class, a calendar of assignments, and class notes.