• Name: Maria Palacios Janfrancisco
    Subjects / Classes Taught: Art 1 and 2, Drawing and Painting 1, 2
    Degree(s): Bachelors and Post- Bachelorate

    Ms. P Janfrancisco's ART Class
    Room # 601
    Welcome to my site with Bostrom High School.  My students are my priority and I absolutely love working with them. I am hoping to make this year as creative and innovative as possible. I am hoping to draw out all their talent and hopefully enter some contests. With the combination of planning, positive communication, resources and procedures followed, I am sure we will find success. I like to communicate with parents about the good and the ugly, so feel free to also contact me. I am commited to student success and positive moral. It is my goal that each student leaves my class with a richer understanding of themselves and the world we live in.
    Goals in this class-
    •  Increase art vocabulary
    • Increase drawing skills 25-50%
    • Develop and improve creativity to CREATE 2 and 3 dimensional projects
    • Identify and model daily goals in create, relate (historical/ societal) and evaluate and judge artwork
    • Demonstrate classroom procedures and norms effectively
    • Students leave with a greater appreciation and love for art.
    4 keys to help provide sucess
    1. Be responsible for yourself and your learning
    2. Respect the room, materials and the equipment
    3. Clean up after yourself and sometimes others
    4. Always use kindness and respect for each other
    Points to help maintain a high grade
    1. Hand in all written work, as it is half of your grade
    2. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS on the assignments, ask for clarification if needed
    3. Show creativity and EFFORT
    4. Stay for ACE if behind or needing extra help.
    5. Make sure you put your artwork away properly.
    ** Please refer to Plan for Success for more details